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138 euro per Hour But Now EUR 75
Hi, my name is Karina
I have been tattooing for almost 4 years.

The styles I prefer: Watercolor, Whipshading, Lettering, Dotwork, Blackwork, Mini tattoo

Over 427 satisfied customers.

Clear and smooth lines; fine and unique tattoo design are specialties of my tattoos

If you have a desire to get a tattoo, please contact us and send your sketch. If you don't have it, I can help you.

Offer! Now a tattoo from 75 euros. The old price is 138 euros. Act quickly, this offer is limited in time.
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How much does it cost to get a tattoo?
The price of any tattoo is 75 Euro per hour on weekdays and + 30% on weekends

The final price depends on the size, details, placement, and style.

Minimum work duration is 1 hour.
Tattoo correction
Tattoo correction costs 35 euros per hour. Minimum tattoo correction 35 euros
What is the shortest time limit I can get a tattoo?
It takes up to 3 days from the moment of contacting me
Where do you tattoo?
Höyläämötie 11A, 00380 Helsinki
What are tattoo styles you work?
I prefer styles: Watercolor, Whipshading, Lettering, Dotwork, Blackwork, Mini-tattoos, and others. EXCEPT FOR REALISM.
What is your experience?
My tattoo experience is over 4 years
Over 427 satisfied clients
Do you help with a tattoo design?
Yes, I can help you choose a sketch or customize it to your wishes and sizes.
Prices start from 15 Euro
How shall I prepare for a visit to a tattoo parlor?
Try to relax and trust your artist. We also recommend sleeping, taking a shower, and eating well before visiting the parlor. It is very important not to drink alcohol the night before visiting the parlor because it increases blood circulation for the next 24 hours.
Is it safe to get a tattoo?
At "OdininTatuointi", your health and safety are our most important value.

Besides disposable needles and tools, we also follow strict procedures to prevent any infection. Such procedures include individual needles and tools that we open in front of you.

Each our customer receives an individual ink can, all remaining materials are never reused
Is that painful to get a tattoo?
First of all, it depends on the area of your body you plan to get a tattoo, as well as on your pain threshold. The most painful areas for tattoos are the armpits, groin, head, feet, chest, and ribs. The skin in these places is more delicate, so pain is felt. In other areas, pain will be less felt, but you will still feel it.
How long is a Tattoo session?
The duration of the session is 110% dependent on your skin characteristics and your pain threshold. On average, people deem 3 hours acceptable.

Remember, even if you can tolerate pain, there are still some body peculiarities that simply do not allow to drive the inks into the skin.

The situation is when the skin is tired, and the ink just does not drive in further. This moment comes individually – for some people after 3 hours, for others after 6 hours.
Can you fix a bad tattoo?
Yes, but remember that the area covered by the old tattoo will be larger than its original size. Very dark and raised tattoos are very difficult to fix. Several sessions may be needed, and areas of the old tattoo may be still slightly visible.

Sometimes laser removal may be required before covering with a new tattoo, it all depends on how dark the old tattoo is and what you want to cover it with.
How shall I care for my new tattoo?
It takes from 7 to 10 days for initial healing.

It takes 3-4 weeks for a new tattoo to heal completely. It may take up to 2 months for your skin and hair to return to normal condition.

First of all, remove the bandage 2-3 hours after getting the tattoo. Wash your new tattoo at least 2 times a day with antibacterial soap under warm running water. Apply the medicated ointment gently after washing.

Do not touch or scratch the tattoo, and never touch it with dirty hands. While it is healing stay away from animals, swimming, sunbathing, tight clothing, and wiry fabrics.
Höyläämötie 11A, 00380 Helsinki (Tattoo Helsinki)
To get a tattoo at "OdininTatuointi" parlor, you must be of legal age, physically and mentally able to get a tattoo, and understand that this is a permanent change in your skin that cannot be removed or covered.

You do not have any diseases or medications that can pose a risk to you, your tattoo artist, or other people in the studio (like HIV, Covid-19, hepatitis, heart disease ...)

If you take drugs or have medical conditions that may affect the creation of a new or covering an old tattoo, you shall tell your tattoo artist about them (for example epilepsy, diabetes).

You also undertake to follow the tattoo aftercare instructions given by your tattoo artist, and you understand that not taking care of the tattoo can lead to inflammation or, in the worst case, sepsis and death.

You also understand that tattoos can cause an allergic reaction, and your tattoo can fade or blur over time.

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If you made an appointment for a session and never showed up or informed about your absence 24 hours before the time of your session, we will charge you in the amount of 50% of the estimated price of the work planned on the session.
Tattoo Helsinki
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